Tailor-made banking services

Our world-class capabilities and industry-leading expertise can help your company unlock the true potential of the ASEAN region. From treasury and liquidity management solutions to working capital and supply-chain financing, we are here to help your company grow.

Treasury and liquidity management

HSBC's treasury and liquidity management solutions

Optimise your operation and streamline your cash management processes by partnering with us to implement a connected approach to treasury and liquidity management. No matter how remote, we can connect your premises, helping you manage funds across markets and currencies smoothly and efficiently.

How we can help

We help you mitigate risk and maximise your control over cash flows thanks to our global payables, cards, receivables and clearing services as well as a wide range of investment solutions, all designed to manage your exposure.

We also work with you to improve visibility and control, helping you streamline cross-border payments and collections by increasing payment efficiency, benefit from flexible transaction processing with a broad range of multi-currency services and increasing control over your global cash flows with our payment and account solutions.

When you manage your liquidity with us, you can maximise surplus cash and optimise interest earnings working with our Global Liquidity Solutions (GLS) team, who can help you automate your cash management system ensuring it integrates seamlessly with your pre-existing planning and management systems.

Working capital and supply chain financing

Connecting buyers and sellers

Bridge the relationship between buyers and sellers with our comprehensive product offering and international network. Whether you want to connect with priority sellers through a supply-chain financing structure that unlocks value, or enhance financial performance through a non-recourse receivable finance structure, we can help you better manage your supply chain, drive efficiencies and increase growth.

How we can help

Our global payables solutions help you free up working capital and better manage your supply chain throughout the ASEAN region and beyond. Whether you want to streamline the way you make paper and electronic payments for working capital optimisation, or introduce an automated process that enables you to manage expenses and payments more effectively, minimising your exposure to payment fraud, we are here to help.

We offer tailored supplier finance programmes to deliver competitively priced working capital, helping you better fund the supply chain, while our trade risk management solutions can help you to integrate risk management alongside your working capital and trade finance management processes.

And finally, our online banking platform, HSBCnet, enables single point of access to accounts and information, enhancing the control you have over your supply chains.

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