Customer complaints

Our commitments related to claims processing

HSBC offers you the know-how and expertise of the Group.
Despite our best efforts deployed to provide you with an optimal quality service, these services might not always meet your expectations.

In order to enable us to upgrade the quality of services provided and to give you full satisfaction, we invite you to discover how to bring your claims to our knowledge.

For each complaint, we are committed to:

  • Listen to it with the required attention ;
  • Acknowledge reception in a formal manner ;
  • Keep you informed regularly on the progress of the process ;
  • Provide you with a response in a defined timeframe ;
  • Deploy a solution in order to give you satisfaction ;
  • Provide you with remedies in case the response did not satisfy you.

Each claim is an opportunity for HSBC Continental Europe, The Netherlands to improve the quality of the service offered.

To escalate a claim, reach your HSBC branch first and in priority. Your Relationship Manager is the best person to answer your concerns. Alternatively, please send details of your complaint by email to or by letter to HSBC Continental Europe, The Netherlands.

Complaint follow-up process:

  • An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent within 10 business days after receipt of your complaint.
  • Complaints related to payment services will be answered within 15 business days, or within 35 days in exceptional situations, when the response cannot be provided within 15 days for reasons beyond the control of the bank.
  • For all the other instances, a final answer will be provided to you within two months maximum after the complaint’s receipt.
  • If necessary, you will be kept regularly informed on the progress made in the resolution of your complaint.

If the response provided is not satisfactory, or when no response has been provided within the requested timeframe, you can reach:

You should also be aware that if you are dissatisfied with our response, or the handling of your concerns, you have the right to take legal action at any time.

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